October 23, 2012


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    Philippe Chiambaretta
    Philippe Chiambaretta
    Philippe Chiambaretta / PCA
    The architect Philippe Chiambaretta was born in Carcassonne, France in 1963. He lives and works in Paris. Following a scientific and economic education (Ecole des Ponts, Paris - MIT, Boston), he directed the Taller de Arquitectura of Ricardo Bofill in Paris for nine years. In 2000 he received a degree in architecture and the following year he founded the architecture agency PCA whose axioms stand for Production, Conception, and Architecture.

    Philippe Chiambaretta gathers under the PCA umbrella a multidisciplinary team of architects and designers whose objective is to resolve contradictions between customary large-scale production and architectural design. There are 35 collaborators today.

    By exploring the most contemporary of art practices and in the light of technical, scientific, and economic analyses, Philippe Chiambaretta seeks to question the approaches and traditional models of the art of building in the new economic order and global culture. His accomplishments are most often the subject of collaborative work with other artists.

    Combining a mastery of the issues of Production (economic, technical, realization) to the desire of Creation fed by different disciplines (visual arts, graphic design), PCA covers a wide range of programs and scales of projects whether it be cultural facilities, office buildings, retail, mixed-use projects, or large-scale urban development. This plurality is part of an architectural approach based on three fundamental principles of the PCA agency: conceptual research, innovative design, and contemporary creation. Each project embodies these guidelines.
    The result of this approach is a dense architecture, highly diversified, open, in line with the aspiration of a renewal of urbanism: an architecture that strives to always “make sense”.

    PCA Editions
    In 2008, Philippe Chiambaretta founded PCA Edition and launched a multidisciplinary review, Stream, home to the stories and texts of thinkers, artists, French and foreign architects.
    The first edition of Stream is built around the theme of Exploration and new conditions of production in architecture at the time of the knowledge economy and innovation.
    In 2012, the second edition of Stream, “After-Office,” explored the future of workspaces in our flexible urban context, between globalization and fragmentation.
    In 2014, PCA will publish Stream 03 “Space, Time, Energy: new horizons of the urban condition.”

    Session(s) featuring Philippe Chiambaretta

    Wednesday, 12th March 2014 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

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