October 23, 2012


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    Freight logistics in North West Europe: how West and East flows can improve traffic and boost new sustainable development projects

    Tuesday, 11th March 2014 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

    Sponsor: Concerto European Developer

    > Current freight logistics practices and opportunities for developments on a West / East axis

    Speaker: Mark Thirkell, Project Manager, Institute for Sustainability

    > Focus on a collaborative multi-modal project next to Le Havre port to optimize the supply chain: Honfleur
    - Honfleur Activity Park (PACH) exceptional location
    - New services dedicated to optimization

    - Alain Kendirgi, General Manager, SHEMA
    - Jean-Paul Rival, Executive Vice President,Concerto European Developer

    > Focus on a new logistics zone integrated in the new East West logic: Troyes
    - Parc Logistique de l’Aube : a new multi-modal logistics hub
    - Several developments in the fashion industry

    Speaker: Jean-Paul Rival, Executive Vice President,Concerto European Developer


    Alain Kendirgi Alain Kendirgi
    SHEMA | General Manager
    Alain Kendirgi, SHEMA’s general manager since its inception. Postgraduate degree in economics from Caen University - DESS (MBA) in government services management from the IAE, Caen.
    Jean-Paul Rival Jean-Paul Rival
    Concerto European Developer | Executive Vice President
    Jean-Paul RIVAL, Executive Vice President at CONCERTO EUROPEAN DEVELOPER, focused his professional activity for the last 20 years in Supply Chain Execution processes and Warehouse Optimization projects. Before addressing the property development aspects of logistics, he implemented automation and IT solutions with companies such as SAVOYE LOGISTICS / A-SIS, EXE TECHNOLOGIES and SIEMENS / DEMATIC. As CEO of DEMATIC Western Europe and then VP Asia Pacific for DEMATIC Real Time Logistics Division, he could be involved in many innovations and strategic thinking in order to optimize the logistics operations of large manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs. Thanks to this multi-cultural background and his general management education (EM LYON, INSEAD MBA), he always keeps a balance between global vision and execution, and looks at how to add value and deliver strong financial and operational performance both for the users and the investors in logistics development programs.

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